The miracle of social media

By Chris Steinbach · Tuesday, September 18, 2012
President Bill Clinton put me to sleep during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Even though I liked his line about brass, I just couldn’t stay awake. I only saw a little bit of his nearly 50-minute speech because I couldn’t stay away after Tweeting earlier: “Well, I’ve decided: Tonight, no blogging. And no DNC 2012 either. I’m going to stick my nose in a John Lescroart novel and shut out the world.”

Already sore from a really hard work out earlier in the day, I drifted off and slept until the ache in my right shoulder could no longer be ignored. Some five hours later I was awake and wandering around in a dark house, searching for Ibuprofen.

Going back to sleep didn’t seem like a strong possibility, so I checked email and found a notice from Twitter with this subject line: John Lescroart is now following you on Twitter.

This was a pleasant surprise. Lescroart has published more than 20 novels, including the legal and crime thrillers featuring the characters Dismas Hardy, Abe Glitsky and Wyatt Hunt. His first novel was published in 1981, but it often takes me awhile to discover a good thing and I had never read any of his books until earlier this year.

Since then, I’ve become a real fan, especially of books featuring Dismas Hardy. I am reading “The Hearing” and have read “The Oath,” “The Mercy Rule” and “Damage.”

I’ve not been reading his books in the order that Lescroart wrote them, but I’m not good at such coloring inside the lines. I’ll read them in whatever order I please.

The bottom line is this: His books are good. I’ll keep reading them until I’ve read all of them.

But it’s an added plus to know he may be reading the nonsense I write on Twitter. Who knows? If Lescroart really has time on his hands, maybe he’ll even read this column.

Thinking about it is almost enough to make my shoulder stop aching.
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