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Monday, September 24, 2012
The Obama 2012 campaign has been active in West Liberty and Muscatine County lately, sending community organizers to get eligible voters signed up for the polls. On a weekly basis the Index receives calls from people working for the campaign asking us to cover another event, or letting us know what it is going on in West Liberty.

The most we have received from the Romney campaign are mass emails.

This week the Obama campaign sent Jeanette Acosta, the Latino Vote Director for Iowa, to West Liberty. Acosta said her primary mission, besides getting Obama elected, was empowering the state Latino community by allowing them to engage in the political process. We won’t speak to the first part of her job, but any effort to encourage voter turnout should be applauded.

Citizens of the U.S. have a responsibility to vote, helping disenfranchised voters or registering newly-eligible voters is an honorable calling and we fully support most attempts either campaign makes to encourage higher voter turnout. Hopefully some volunteers for the local Republican party will begin making that effort too.

Congratulations are in order

The season was not off to a great start for West Liberty High School football, but homecoming and the beginning of district play could make an optimist of the most skeptical fan. The Comets drubbed Columbus 56-22 and are 2-0 in District 5. While the bleak season opener against Regina and another loss on the road portend there may be difficulties ahead, we think if the team can play against the rest of the district the way it did against cellar dwellers Louisa-Muscatine and Columbus, it will be a good season.
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