Making the news

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
West Liberty and this portion of Muscatine County have been making national headlines recently. All of it has been good news, but not all of it necessarily put our community in the best light.

First off, the disabled employees that had been contracted to work the production line at the West Liberty Foods turkey facility back in 2009, and then had their wages illegally deducted, were awarded the full wages they were due.

The blame for what happened does not belong to West Liberty Foods. It was a bystander in this situation, using what turned out to be an unethical company based in Texas that was taking advantage of those least able to defend themselves. We’re sure West Liberty Foods never intended for something like that to happen, and has procedures in place to make sure it does not happen again.

Secondly, the grinning mug of city councilor José Zacarias has graced the pages of some of our nation’s most prominent newspapers. Zacarias has been, and continues to be, one of West Liberty’s best advocates.

In what has turned out to be a bitter and divisive election season, Zacarias’ approach to voter registration and Latino engagement is bipartisan and beneficial to all. We hope he signs up many new voters.

Pulling the strings

Our town played host to dozens of puppeteers from across the nation last week for workshops and performances during the Great Plains Regional Puppet Festival.

Visitors from the West Coast and Rockies were heard downtown describing what good hosts our residents are. Praise for West Liberty was plentiful and volunteers did an excellent job putting on the Children’s Festival Saturday.

Comets streaking

While most football fans are trashing the “refs,” West Liberty faithful need not worry, because the Comets are putting their opponents away 52-nil. Let’s see a ref overturn that.

Don’t forget about our volleyball team. Hot off a great showing at the Mid-Prairie Tournament, the girls play host to Mid-Prairie tonight.

Support the girls, they might go far this year.
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