Romney envy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Oh my, though I know I should not, I am starting to get a bit envious of Mitt Romney. But, I don’t know if it is because I wish I had made enough money to be as charitable as he, or if I would like the same tax rate as

he, or if I too were well enough healed to afford buying the presidency for 250k in supposed “undeducted” charity.  Shame on me!

But there is one thing I am justifiably upset about; there is no line on the tax form I am forced to use that lets me show a portion of income earned that I want to claim I gave charitably that I am neither listing nor deducting from my bottom line.

I think that I too ought to be able to crow about how generous I am and with some official looking something-or-other that I can say would show it if it were there.  I can tell you right now that I would let everyone know

that I had given everything I made away and somehow just survived on my goodness.  Shame on me for sure!

Woe ... for  some reason, there has just flashed through my mind a picture of actor Edward E Robinson in the old flick “Little Caesar” and in portrayal of Al Capone a sour-faced Robinson has just told his cellmate, “Hey, bean head, they didn’t send me or anyone to prison for paying too many taxes.”

Sam Osborne

West Branch
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