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By Jesse Mullen · Wednesday, October 10, 2012
The West Liberty School Board reviewed and revised the school district’s policy on the use of video cameras in order to prepare for the installation of new cameras on district busses. The cameras could be used at the discretion of the district on busses school officials decide need them if language in the proposed update to the policy is approved upon a second reading at the next board meeting.

The data may be held for an undecided period of time before being deleted, according to the proposed update, unless an incident requires educators to view the information. In the case of an incident, the board expects the data to be saved, and the video will be accessible to district employees directly involved in the incident and guardians of the students involved.

In other bussing news the district is making plans for temporary bus routes in West Liberty on the south side of the railroad tracks. For a week in late fall or early winter the district will send extra busses to the neighborhood with the hope fewer students will cross the railroad tracks illegally on their way to school according to school board members.

West Liberty School District Superintendent Steve Hanson said the program will run for one week after which the district will decide if the busses had enough riders to justify making the routes regular. Hanson said the program may also help increase attendance and reduce tardiness.

The busses will be available to students in all grade levels, though the only school stop will be at the elementary school. Before the program begins, board member Mike Duytschaver said the district needs to talk to landowners about possible stops, putting up bus stop signs, and if the program works, building possible permanent bus shelters. Duytschaver said as many as 200 students could be affected by the additional routes.
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