Stealing from children

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
I’m sorry to report that someone has been taking donated cans out of the Nickels for Nichols cage located at the old Casey’s store parking lot. It isn’t the kids that are doing this. A witness to one of the thefts said it was an adult in a van. They were sorry they didn’t get the license plate number, but were not sure it wasn’t my husband in a different vehicle.

After noticing that bags were disappearing, I installed a lock on the gate. This did not, however, deter the thieves, they pulled out a couple of stakes and moved the cage.

I realize that a person low enough to steal donations for children’s play equipment, probably doesn’t have the intelligence to read a paper, however, other people¬†do. I have reported the problem and many people will be watching for an unfamiliar vehicle removing bags from the donation site, and will take down the license number.

I will have no problem seeing the offenders caught and, at least, fined.

Toni Wilson


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