2012 presidential elections

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
I support Barack Obama in this year’s presidential election. Before Obama was elected as President and he was a senator from Illinois. Obama spent money to help better public school education.

As I said before Obama had been a senator from Illinois before he became president in 2008. This gave him experience with law making. Obama was also a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Being a senator from Illinois and being a professor of constitutional law were good experiences for Obama. This gives him a better understanding of things as president.

Obama gave money to public schools to help better their education. It is important that everyone can have a good education so I’m glad he did this. He also thinks that young people who are here illegally should be given a chance to stay here legally. Some children were brought here by their parents so it wasn’t their fault. Obama is also trying to invest in an alternative energy source like wind power to help fight global warming.

Since Obama was a state and U.S. senator he has more experience for the position of president. Obama will help make cleaner power sources making our country less polluting. I think Obama knows what he’s doing and has a good opinion on things and you should vote for him.

Armando Revelez

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