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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
I support Barack Obama for President. Obama has experienced being president and knows what to do. He wants to stop separating families.

Obama will be good at being president because he has the experience and knows what it is like. He has faced hardships just like most people have. Obama didn’t have a whole lot of money growing up. He had to work hard to become what he is now. He went to Harvard for his law degree. Obama will be a good president because he has a law degree and knows how to fight for rights.

Obama has good positions on important issues. He is Pro-Choice for abortion. I think that is a good position because he thinks it is ok for abortion if the person was raped or there is danger for the mother during pregnancy. He is also fine with same sex marriages. President Obama also wants to stop separating families because of deportation and he supports the Dream Act.

I think you should vote for Barack Obama because he has experienced what it is like being president. He also wants to make things better than before. In November go out and vote for Barack Obama to be our next President.

Clarissa Rocha

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