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By The Index · Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Baby Blue and White

The 26 members of Mrs. Fackel’s first grade are learning about the weather in science. They have studied many weather signs and what they mean. A discussion was held on how weather affects the way we dress. Two thermometers, one in the classroom and one outside, help the students in keeping a weather chart. They mark the chart each day.

Learning short and long vowel sounds and several consonants has kept the first graders busy in reading class. They are sounding out words and reading chart stories.

The first graders are now talking the numbers from one to 10. They also learned how to use the calendar and made their own October calendars.

A study of pets is the current topic in social studies. The children learned what animals make good pets and how to care for them.

Using crayons, finger paints, construction paper and tempera paint are the activities which keep the students busy in art. Each day several people paint at the easels.
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