Election Battle

By Lindsey Jackson · Wednesday, October 24, 2012
What are District 88’s biggest problems?

This district is like many other rural districts. The further you get away from the bigger urban centers, the rural communities struggle with driving further for jobs, shopping and other amenities. School enrollment and population continue to decline. That is why this district became geographically much larger, just like much of the rest of rural Iowa.

Iowans expect and deserve elected officials who are fiscally responsible and good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. Balancing the state budget in a fiscally responsible manner needs to be done each and every year. However, balancing the budget is not enough. The budget needs to be balanced in a way that is predictable, sustainable and reliable.

District 88 needs more and better paying jobs. Job growth in rural Iowa is essential for the survival of our communities.

Reforming Iowa’s educational system is very important. Iowa used to be a leader in education; we can be again in the future. But it will take a commitment from the students, the parents, the educational community and the state to make this happen.

We also need to streamline and reduce the size of government.

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