Endorsing Sara

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
As the ranking member of the Iowa House Education committee and retired teacher, I am excited to see a bright, young woman like Sara Sedlacek running to be your state representative. Sara knows we need to grow our skilled workforce to compete with workers from around the globe and guarantee that businesses in Iowa have access to the workers they need. That means every child needs to graduate with the skills necessary to land a good job or continue their education after high school.

Her opponent’s first vote during the 2012 session was the elimination of Iowa’s successful four-year-old preschool program, kicking 20,000 preschoolers out of school. Sara knows the preschool initiative is a sustainable, wise investment that makes sure all kids enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Her opponent also proposed freezing state aid for schools for an unprecedented two years in a row, which leads to higher class sizes and teacher layoffs. Sara knows student achievement starts with providing adequate resources to our schools.

I have seen Sara in action, she is a hard worker with strong Iowa values. Sara Sedlacek will be a strong advocate for rural schools. I encourage you to vote Sara for State Representative. She is the change Iowa needs.

Sharon Steckman

State Representative

House District 13

Mason City

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