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By The Index · Wednesday, October 24, 2012
One of the most “fun” classes, as put by some students, is driver’s training. The long-awaited new car finally arrived on Monday, Oct. 15. It is a 1963 light blue Ford “Galaxie.” One of Mr. Mitchell’s pupils says it will get a hard workout. Prior to this the students had been using a “57” black Ford.

The first semester class is made up of about forty students. In class the students are learning the basic fundamentals of driving such as: angle parking downtown, backing up, judging distances, and signaling. They have a reaction machine in class which is used to see how quickly they can stop in an emergency. Most of the class time is taken up by text material, though.

For some students the greatest challenge is mastering the “clutch touch;” that is, when the car starts shaking a little to let out the clutch.
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