Dia de los Muertos

By Lindsey Jackson · Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Eli Portugal is a Mexican puppeteer who visits West Liberty once a year to work in the community with her colleague and local puppeteer, Monica Leo, of Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre. This week Portugal will visit West Liberty’s early learning center and elementary school to sing, dance and show students how to build altars for the Day of the Dead. Cara McFerren, the outreach director for Eulenspeigel, said this year they are planning a different take on it. “Last year we did Day of the Dead boxes. This year it will still be in recognition of Day of the Dead, but we are going to do altar making.”

McFerren explained how Day of the Dead, which dates back to ancient Mexican civilizations, is celebrated in Mexico on November 2 to honor deceased family members. “In Mexico they often gather at the cemeteries and gravesites as a celebratory event to dance, eat and celebrate the life of the beloved deceased,” she said.

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Un espectáculo en inglés y en español con música en directo in-terpretada por Eli y la titiritera de Eulenspiegel Monica Leo. Las funciones tendrán lugar el domingo 4 de noviembre a las 2 de la tarde; y el lunes día 5 a las 10:15 de la mañana y a las 12:30 del mediodía, en el New Strand Theatre, 111 E. Third Street, West Liberty. Los boletos cuestan 5$.
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