By The Index · Wednesday, October 31, 2012
By the time you read your Index next week the United States voters will have either reelected President Obama or elected Mitt Romney. Because of our Tuesday deadline, we might not know the results of all of the races before we ship the paper to the press. We will update the website, westlibertyindex.com on Wednesday morning, and include a complete wrap up in the following week’s paper.

After this election we will have new county board supervisors and some of the same old crews on the local, state and national levels living up to the term “career politicians.” Having adjusted our clocks, most of us will enjoy the “extra” hour of sleep for about two days before our alarm starts feeling too early again, and the news cycle will return to the trivialities of pop culture. All in all, nothing much will change except the commercials might be slightly less abrasive and the weather a bit cooler.

And when the new year rolls around and our newly elected officials get back to work, the changes they make won’t be a surprise. We paid attention to what they said, what they’ve done and who they’ve worked with before we cast our ballot. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of each candidate and have looked beyond what Fox, MSNBC and the Des Moines Register told us to do.

Vote responsibly. After next week we can all forget about the longest election season in memory. We can worry whether or not the Hawkeyes will be bowl eligible. Until then, if you haven’t voted, go do it today. If you already voted, I’m sure there are some wonderful like-minded people needing rides to the polls.
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