Big moves equal big changes

By Lindsey Jackson · Tuesday, November 20, 2012
I wanted to spend a few more weeks in West Liberty before officially making a list of what is the same and different from where I used to live in Washington State. I think I can do it now. A reason this is important is because a friend told me everywhere is the same. His words were something along the lines of: “Everywhere you go is the same.” I disagree. I have many examples to prove all places are indeed, not the same.

First of all, there is a ton of corn here. Driving along the highway here for a mere two months, I probably passed millions more husks of corn than I did driving for 10 years in Washington State. Another observation I made while driving around here is the large number of semis and sadly, roadkill.

I would say I passed one deceased animal at least 10 times. I swore by the tenth time it was holding up a flag that said: “Help Me.”

I called the department of transportation and also West Branch maintenance to see who was in charge of cleaning up the road by Downey. I think the call helped.

What else? I have noticed not many people here smoke cigarettes. In the town where I used to live, a lot of people smoked. I regularly saw people outside of buildings or driving by in cars smoking. Here I rarely see that.

There are a ton more non-profit organizations in West Liberty than any town I have ever lived in. Here it seems it’s all about what you can give back to the community. I have never lived in a place like this.

I feel safe walking around at night here and I rarely feel safe doing that anywhere. This is one thing I hope lasts because I love the crisp air and night skies.

I haven’t spent much time in the bars here but the one time I did, I noticed a barfly using about two more cuss words per sentence than I was used to.

As for similarities, the weather is strangely similar, but that must be because of Fall. Coming from Washington, I am used to the dramatic temperature changes and cloudy skies, as well as rain. People drive about the same speed here as they do there. That could be interpreted in many ways, but I actually mean people drive vehicles at about the speed limit or just above both here and there. Except for the tractors.

So, if that wasn’t enough proof each place is not the same, I don’t know what else to give ya.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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