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By Sara Sedlacek · Tuesday, November 20, 2012
West Liberty, I want to thank you. Even though we didn’t come out on top on election night, I still feel like we were winners.

First, we won Muscatine County with 57 percent of the vote. This is in large part because we won 80 percent of West Liberty. Your support was overwhelming, but not just at the polls. Yard signs, campaign contributions, letters to the editor and kind words were never short in West Liberty during the campaign season. More importantly, those kind words were not just for me. My husband, Rob, also found solace in the kindness of our friends and neighbors in West Liberty. Your support for us during this difficult but exciting time has been overwhelming.

Second, with the help of the field organizers with the President’s campaign, we accomplished something that has seemed unattainable in this community. We not only turned out Latino voters en masse, we also welcomed them by our sides throughout the campaign. Some of our hardest working volunteers were people I would have once thought the most unlikely to get engaged. The Latino community in West Liberty voted, volunteered and talked about this campaign with their friends and family. They became engaged in a way that was not only unexpected, but doubted by most of the people I talked to at the beginning of this run.

Regardless of the outcome at the district level, West Liberty is the winner of this election. Right now, I feel that West Liberty is a more united community today than it was a year ago.

Let’s work together to maintain that unity and continue to bring our communities together. One thing I have always told people when they ask why I love West Liberty so much is that the people in this town almost always put community above self. Whatever our differences, whether they be political, cultural or otherwise, I know this is only the first step in a series of steps that will make our community stronger, wiser and better for every man, woman and child in it.

Thank you for your support, but thank you even more for reminding me why Rob and I have chosen West Liberty as our home. And thank you for helping us to feel like such valuable parts of this community.
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