Tough Chili Chilly

By Lindsey Jackson · Thursday, December 6, 2012
The Chili Chilly 5K began at 9 a.m. on Sunday at the fairgrounds. 62 participants ran through approximately 40-acres of property belonging to the fairgrounds and private land owners.

Jerry Melick of Liberty Communications said the idea for this race started when he and Mayor Chad Thomas went to a big cross-country race at Living History Farms in Des Moines.

“It was a 7-mile run through pastures, corn fields and creeks,” Melick said. “We had a great time. Both of us were like, we need to do this in West Liberty.”

Melick said contestants who didn’t like the course can blame him because he dreamed it up and wanted it to be tough. He said participants could have benefited from using gloves as they had to use rope to climb up out of creek beds six times.

Many of the participants described the race as difficult and very strategically set up. One runner said it was mostly deer trail and another said he felt like he was running through a war zone because he could hear guns being fired from the nearby gun range.

The race was won by Ross Salinas of Iowa City, who completed the race in 25:05.2 minutes. The youngest participant was 13 and the oldest was 72.

The following are the names, ages and places of contestants from West Liberty: Joshua Levai-Baird, 33, 7th; Jason Thrasher, 41, 8th; Tom Pace, 47, 11th; Robert Feldman, 49, 15th; Matt Daufeldt, 43, 22nd; Jesse Mullen, 28, 26th; Edgar Ortiz, 21, 27th; Mackenzie Pedersen, 33, 28th; Dane Lovell, 41, 29th; Kristi Feldman, 18, 38th; Taylor Feldman, 21, 39th; Todd Morrison, 28, 41st; Rachel Morrison, 27, 42nd; Sandee Buysee-Baker, 46, 44th; Tara Mauer, 36, 50th; Mitchell Kelly, 48, 51st; Janine Kelly, 48, 52nd; Becky Vargus, 38, 53rd; Maria Hillyer, 55, 55th; Tom Hillyer, 55, 56th; Emma Melick, 13, 61st; Jill Melick, 41, 62nd.

Atalissa: Mike Cline, 55, 17th; Alan Feldman, 51, 31st; Abby Feldman, 20, 36th and Stacey Werling, 41, 49th.

The following are the top three winners in each category:

Male 13-21: Josh Brand, 13, Riverside, 33:07.5; Brandon Sperka, 14, Riverside, 39:11.5; Edgar Ortiz, 21, West Liberty, 41:02.5.

Female 13-21: Abby Feldman, 20, Atalissa, 42:28.9; Kristi Feldman, 18, West Liberty, 43:21.9; Taylor Feldman, 21, West Liberty, 43:23.0.

Male 22-49: Ross Salinas, 32, Iowa City, 25:05.2; Ross Kilgore, 28, Iowa City, 25:20.2; Jeremy Ginster, 38, Muscatine, 29:31.8.

Female 22-49: Kelly Teeselink, 26, Iowa City, 32:25.0; Julia Moffitt, 45, Iowa City, 34:30.1; Stacey Feldman, 24, Coralville, 36:41.3.

Male 50+:Brian Cummings, 70, Columbus Junction, 37:37.8; 2nd - Mike Cline, 55, Atalissa, 37:53.4; Dennis O’Donnell, 52, Marengo, 39:05.9.

Female 50+: Marla Hillyer, 55, West Liberty, 51:35.5.

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