Making more time for you this holiday season

By Robin Edwards, PTA · Friday, December 14, 2012
In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is always something going on. School plays, cookies to make, shopping, wrapping, let alone working and the normal daily “stuff.” So here I am suggesting one more thing to do. It may take a little planning; however I guarantee it will be a worthwhile project. This project is all about you and taking a moment here and there to reflect and relax. I am going to give you suggestions on how you can make the time.

What time do you get up in the morning? 6:00, 6:30?

Try getting up 20 minutes earlier and sit with a cup of coffee and think about all the good things in your life.

Think about Christmas and its true meaning. Do not allow negative thinking to enter your mind and keep it positive. This will get you off to a great start for the day. How about taking 20 minutes before you go to bed? Sit in the quiet with warm milk, herbal tea or a glass of water. Read something inspiring, get a book of positive quotes or poems. Read 1-2 a night. What a great way to go to bed.

Listening to the quiet is another nice moment. Turn the TV off and challenge your spouse and/or kids to have a quiet moment and share the events of the day. Ask them to think of positive things that happen in their day. Kids are so funny sometimes and this is a great time to let them make you laugh.

On a night of a snowstorm, listen to the wind. Sense the warmth in the house and how lucky you all are to be snuggled in.

Driving in the car is a great time and place to get your quiet moment. No radio, no phone… turn it all off. I like to look for “nature treats.” Geese flying in the sky, new buds on the trees in the spring, deer off in a field, heavy snow on the trees, sparkling diamonds (sun shining on frost)… it is all beautiful… it is all around you, just look.

When my sister and I brought our mother home from the hospital in Iowa City, the week before Christmas two years ago… we were bringing her home to die. She had leukemia and she only had 1-2 days left.

Still quite alert she was totally focused on the outside view. She was taking in earth… as we all know it. She was calm and kept pointing out all of the beautiful things outside as we drove along. It made me realize how much we miss in a day. She died the next day.

I share this story to make a point. Our time on this earth is short. We need to take moments to enjoy, even if we have to plan them.

To you all - Have a peaceful, safe merry Christmas.
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