Dancers training for upcoming competitions

By Lindsey Jackson · Thursday, December 20, 2012
A handful of young performers will begin taking extra dance classes at Nicole Rock’s School of Dance as part of the Summer Starz competition program. This year’s program kicked off with a bake sale on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening at the studio where dancers and their mothers sold cookies, fudge and candy to help raise money for costumes and entry fees.

Rock said this is the first year the competition team has organized a bake sale. “The bake sale will get the kids together and have them work as a team to earn a little bit of money and have that understanding that they can’t always get everything they want,” Rock said.

Nine members of this year’s competition team will take individual classes on top of regular dance practice to learn a unique routine they can use at several upcoming regional competitions, such as the Bill Riley talent shows, state fairs and also pageant competitions that require a talent presentation.

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