Feeling those Christmas blues

By Lindsey Jackson · Thursday, December 20, 2012
Hello. Only a few more days till Christmas. I wish I had more enthusiasm. I know the horrific news has really put a damper on this holiday season, for me anyway. I would be lying if I tried to write about anything else. Just a forewarning, if you don’t want to hear more about the horrific news, stop reading now.

I cannot get over how devastated I feel about the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. It’s like a huge bag of bricks is sitting on my shoulders. If I really try to think about it, I get tears in my eyes. I cannot believe a person is capable of something so awful. Even more awful is how some people do not believe an event such as that is awful – why would they do it?

I keep thinking in my head if there was a way anyone could have prevented such a situation. Who is to blame? There has to be someone, or something. We can blame guns, we can blame parents, we can blame authorities, we can blame the economy, we can blame mental disorders.

There is no point. People will continue to have guns, people will continue to be bad and good parents, authorities will continue to work hard or slack, the economy will rise and fall and mental disorders will always exist.

This is going to happen again. That is the sad truth. Now it seems the only thing to do is make people more aware. Sadly, people now have to be on constant alert while shopping at the mall. What if?

It’s time to bulletproof the windows of schools and live like we are on the streets of downtown L.A. at night. What a refreshing feeling. It could also be time to start acknowledging one another.

I wish someone had some words of solace. Something to guarantee nothing like this will ever happen again. Unfortunately, people will always be people. History shows no different.

Maybe if someone would have just said “Hi” to that guy. Maybe he would have changed his mind last minute. Probably not. But, it’s always worth a try.
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