Mixing the pot

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Dear West Liberty:

Most Americans have heard the phrase “melting pot” in describing the ethnic variety of our nation. The paradigm, I believe, has shifted. We Americans are a stew. We are proud of our individual ethnic histories. We are not all melted into a broth, or gravy. We in West Liberty love our uniqueness. We retain aspects of where we came from. For your consideration: What part of a stew would each of us represent? Again, we are not a broth all melted in a pot with no individual flavor.

Maybe teachers could ask the students what vegetable would they be in this flavorful gravy in West Liberty, a little self-exam as to who they are. What quality of the stew would each represent?

Appreciate each other. Along the same lines, I myself would love to see businesses that employ young adults and others, have them wear name tags. Maybe I would know their parents. Maybe a beginning to understanding each other.

One great moment for me was when a young lady in a local store asked me if I had gone to high school here (for whatever reason if not pure friendliness), then wondered if I remembered her relative who had passed away. Yes - I knew her.

And, this brief moment touched my soul. Thank you.

Jill Tenold

West Liberty
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