The Index · Sunday, February 24, 2013
Are we really making ourselves any safer? States are looking to pass new gun-control measures that aim to limit ammunition capacities for firearms as well as bans on assault weapons. What difference is it going to make?

On the other side of the table, community governments in Arizona and Montana are putting more guns in school districts, going as far as allowing administrators to carry handguns and sending squads of gun-toting, hardly-trained volunteers into schools. That doesn’t sound safe.

It looks like the least logical people are making the decisions on both sides and the result is pointless legislation and wackos carrying guns in the schools.

Responsible gun owners are losing their rights and innocents die daily to gun violence in the U.S. Solving this problem doesn’t have to pit one side against the other.

A universal background check, enforced on all sales of guns would make an immediate difference. The bans on certain types of weapons are simply aesthetic and putting more guns in schools is just insane.
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