Nichols council raises police pay

The Index · Sunday, February 24, 2013
The Nichols City Council motioned to raise part-time police officers’ pay to $17.50 per hour, up from $15 per hour, during the February council meeting. Chief of Police for Nichols, Jeff Jirak, said Nichols’ current part-time officer, Les Wegter, will not be able to work as many hours as he was previously, and recommended hiring a second part-time officer. Jirak’s concern during the council meeting was that it might be difficult to find an officer to work part-time at $15 when neighboring communities pay more per hour for part-time officers. According to the Nichols City Clerk’s notes, Atalissa pays $16 per hour, Wilton, $17.50, and Conesville, $17.97. Mayor Cyle Geertz and council members agreed hiring...

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