Empathy for a scofflaw

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Dear Editor,

To a scofflaw, freedom is just another word for the life and limb someone else has got to lose.

So in place of background checks for purchase of a gun, apparently the CEO of the NRA and his minions favor establishing who is a bad guy with a gun by waiting until such a person demonstrates he is by slaughtering 20 children and their teachers as happened at Sandy Hook School.

As for red light cameras, those more concerned about getting a ticket that they deserve would prefer to have 20 children and their teacher at risk of getting run down by a red-light runner than to get what’s coming to them for failure to obey the law. We got freedom in this country, you know, but apparently it is not one to live safe and secure within law and order that applies to everyone.

But those that muster more empathy for a scofflaw than anyone trying to peaceably mind their own business just don’t feel very charitable toward the law abiding. In proclamation of this maybe they will put a bumper sticker on their car that proudly proclaims: “Scofflaws are us.” If so, let us pray they affix it to the front bumper so that an average citizen has a bit of a chance to jump out of their important way.

Sam Osborne

West Branch
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