Creek floods West Liberty and homes

Thursday, April 18, 2013
West Liberty was drenched with 24 hours of non-stop, heavy rain. Wapsinonoc Creek rose above flood levels and caused the closure of Highway 6 westbound to Iowa City and eastbound to Atalissa.

West Liberty School District closed all schools and many events were canceled. Residents and businesses experienced indoor leaking and flooding. One man said his couch was floating in his basement.

Iowa DOT and city workers are overseeing the streets, pumping water and keeping traffic under control. Mayor Chad Thomas announced on We Lead's Facebook page that he is waiting to hear if West Liberty has been declared a disaster area.

"This will increase our ability to help community members with the cost of and options for cleanup. As we get more information about the cleanup, we will get this out to you all," the mayor said on a Facebook announcement.

Photos of the West Liberty flood and damage can be seen on the West Liberty Index Facebook page.
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