City must act fast on transformer

Rick DeClue · Thursday, May 2, 2013
In something of its own “perfect storm,” the West Liberty City Council on April 16 agreed on the need for a new electric transformer, which would cost an estimated $1.3-1.5 million.

West Liberty City Manager Chris Ward said the cost of a new transformer would likely be funded through revenue bonds.

“The first thing we need to do is see what it does to rates,” Ward said. “Pay now or pay later.”

Ward noted the last rate increase to customers was four years ago, at one-half cent per kilowatt hour.

Council member Jose Zacarias questioned how the public would react.

During the work session, Lincoln Duncan of a Missouri engineering company and West Liberty’s electric superintendent Ed Tvrs told the council the decision to upgrade the transformer is being driven by...for the full-story, call 319-627-2814 to subscribe to the paper edition.
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