Fair Quilt to be raffled

Mary Atkinson · Thursday, July 11, 2013
A West Liberty group known as the Quilting Ladies will be raffling a 2012 Muscatine County Fair quilt the last day of 2013 fair on July 21.

This marks the third year that the group has designed and made a quilt honoring the fair's annual theme. Last year's theme was "A Lot of Years. A Lot of Memories."

The quilt will be on display at the West Liberty State Bank as well as MidwestOne Bank. Raffle tickets will be available at both places. They are $1 each or $5 for six tickets.

The group chose to use yellow and green as its primary colors to represent last year's theme. First, they made the panels and entered them in the fair exhibits. Later they stitched them into a quilt seen now to be raffled the following year.

This year's fair theme will be "Many Years...Many Memories," coupling with the town's 175th celebration.

The group has picked blue and brown as the primary colors for the 2013 quilt. It will be raffled at next year's fair.

Marilyn Little said quilting has changed quite a bit over the years, considering all the new machines available to younger members now. However, she said she prefers quilting the traditional way.

"I think we show the younger ones how it's done, but we don't insist they have to do it that way." Little said. "You need to discover your way and go with it."

"I have an appreciation for how amazing and creative a beginner can be," she added. She said that even though quilting can be taxing physically she enjoys the work.

The Quilting Ladies have been getting together since the 1980s, they have approximately 12 members.

"I love the colors and the fabrics," Little said. "I am more of a process person - I enjoy the process of quilting and seeing the project to the end."
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