Vandalism spikes in WL

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, August 28, 2013
West Liberty has seen an increase in vandalism the last few weeks throughout the community.

According to this week's police blotter there have been seven reports of criminal mischief between the dates of Aug. 14 and Aug. 18.

This has been attributed to a lack activities for kids and teenagers before school started last Monday, according to Police Chief McNaul.

"Honestly, I think its getting toward the end of summer and kids are getting bored," he said. "I've seen this before, not much is going on, so there isn't anything to keep our kids engaged."

During the school year students are preoccupied with academics and sports. When summer first begins vacations and programs at the public library, Kimberly Park, and other places take over.

However, as the summer carries on activities dwindle and the youth are left with more time, but nothing with which to fill it. Unfortunately, this sometime results in mischief.

In early July windows in the caboose at the train depot campus were broken. On Aug. 9 the door was pushed in as well. It's been frustrating for employees at the depot.

"It's disgusting, because there's no reason for it," said Depot Caretaker Tim Atkinson, "We've been trying to do nice things for the town, but then someone comes along and does something like this."

The depot responded to the broken windows by offering a reward to anyone with information leading to the apprehension of those involved. After the most recent vandalism to the caboose door the depot plans to increase security.

During the Music in the Park series on Aug. 9 it was reported that kids were jumping on a bench seat in Ron-De-Voo Park. The seat gave in and fell to the ground. Those involved were found and are going to pay restitution, according to police.

The department also reported that last Wednesday night windows on four to five cars were broken on Fifth St. Police are currently investigating the incident; they have a suspected vehicle.

"It's nothing out of our control," Chief McNaul said. "Once school begins I believe it will die down."
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