Nichols needs new pump, preps for October Festival

Toni Wilson · Wednesday, August 28, 2013
The Nichols city council meeting was held Wednesday, Aug. 14. Russ Grim was not present.

-Todd Mahan, a representative of the fire department, requested approval by the council to apply for a beer permit for October festival. The council approved the request.

-Tim McCleary, city wastewater manager, informed the council that a new pump was needed for the pump station.

The cost would be $11,500, and would leave the city with a back-up pump if it is needed. The council approved the purchase of a new pump as well as the rebuilding of the pump that is inoperative.

-The Fringe Agreement, which would prohibit any new hog confinement operations within a two mile radius of Nichols, was not finalized.

The idea was presented to the city attorney and the Muscatine Board of Supervisors last August. Mayor Geertz has been unable to reach Dan Kresowik, the city attorney, for an update.

-The city is working on a solution to the problem with storm sewer drainage. There are several areas where water will remain in ditches or on the streets longer than it should after heavy rain.

-The Nichols Betterment Committee, with the West Liberty Library, is inviting the public to a ‘Movie in the Park’ on Friday, Aug. 23 at Nichols Memorial Park.

The time for the movie wasn’t discussed at the council meeting. However, there should be signs posted during the week.

-The Nichols Betterment Committee also requested permission to close Short St. from Ijem Ave. to the alley during Nichols's yearly October festival. The committee is planning to have rides for kids this year and needs additional space.

The event is planned for Sept. 28, 2013. More information will be available during September.

-Sue Schlapkohl, who has mowed the city’s property for the last 13 years, gave notice that she will stop mowing at the end of this year's mowing season.

-Toni Wilson asked the city if it could take over the Nickels for Nichols funds. She has two new pieces of playground equipment ordered and delivery is expected the last week in August.

With the grant money from The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust and the savings account balance there is enough to pay for the new equipment. The mayor and council would have more access to the equipment and volunteers needed to install the new play equipment.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. The next council meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 11.   
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