Cross country goes the distance

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, October 16, 2013
The distance between Central Lee high school and West Liberty high school is 76 miles. By car it takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half to cover the distance.

But by foot, just ask the West Liberty Cross Country team.

The team covered every mile of the trip before the homecoming game last Friday. Like the olympic torch, they passed off a special football as they covered the distance.

"It was a good way to end the year," said senior Grace Millage, 17. "I ran with each girl, so I did about 17 miles that day. I slept very well that night."

The run was used to commemorate the school, as well as prepare it for the homecoming football game against Central Lee that evening. It must have worked too, because West Liberty took the win that night 31-28.

The team was separated into three groups; in order to finish the run before the game started they began in three different spots on the route at the same time.

"It felt pretty good to do the run, but it was really warm when I ran," said Sophomore Ross Brown, 15, "I was really sweaty."

The team combatted all sorts of odds, including animals according to sophomore Marco Tena, 15. "I started the run at Central Lee and was chased by two dogs," he said. "But I outran them."

Each member of the team averaged around 6 miles of the run before passing the football. To tie it all together, they all joined together and ran the football around the football field before the game began.

To end it, they presented the ball to the referee as the audience cheered. However, they won't be taking on an endeavor this large again for awhile.

"I didn't feel bad," said sophomore Alyssa Schemmel, 15. "But I was tired and my legs hurt."

The next WL cross country conference meet is at 4:30, Oct. 12, at Valley Oaks Gold Club against around 10 other opponents. This will be the final meet of their season.
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