Candidates talk Nichols election

Toni Wilson · Wednesday, October 23, 2013
The Nichols city election, Nov. 5, will have five candidates for city council, and one candidate for mayor. 

Mayoral incumbent Cyle Geertz will run for a second term. He said he has no specific agenda.

Russ Grim and Jamie Kirk will both be on the ballot again. Grim has served on the city council for 24 years and is the Nichols fire chief. Kirk is running for his third term on the council.

Cindy Massey, owner of Burt’s, is running for a second time. She served on the council from 2008-2010. Her primary concern is that sewer and drainage problems are not forgotten.

Kelsie Lampe is a first time candidate. She has attended a few meetings in the past and found them interesting. She is willing to learn and says she will try her best to contribute positively.

Kelly Loving, who owns the Day Care in Nichols, has decided to run as well. Since she has lived in Nichols for several years, she wanted to get more involved in the community.

Ron Oostendorp and Rich Hillyer are retiring from the city council. Ron is the owner of Ron’s Feed in Nichols and has served on the council for more than thirty years. Richard was on the council for three terms in 1990s and has been on the council since 2006.

The election will be held Tuesday, Nov 5.
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