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7th grade girls finish season against difficult opponents

The 7th grade girls' basketball team finished their season against a couple of tough teams, Tipton and Regina. Though they lost, some of the team's best basketball of the year was played.

Tipton outscored West Liberty's A-team 48-19. The score was tied 6-6 at the end of the first quarter and was still within reach at halftime, 8-20.

Macy Akers lead her team with 14 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals. Other contributors were Sydni Dalton 5/0/1, Katie Schneider 0/2/1, Nexsia Melchor 0/0/1, Parker Werling 0/1/2 and Elizabeth Baca 0/1/0. The B-team lost 6-34. Skylar Wendt had her best game of the year with 5 points, 11 rebounds and 4 steals. Other contributors were Melchor 0/2/0, Ivania Palma 0/0/0, Xitlalli Rangel 0/1/0, Kiara Hernandez 1/2/0, Airm Quiroz 0/2/0 and Angie Sanchez 0/0/0.

The Regina Regals beat the young Comets by 16 points earlier in the year. The girls came out strong and led for most of the game until the final minutes of the fourth quarter. The Comets went down with 9 seconds to play, 25-26.

With no press in the back court, the Regals walked the ball up the court for the final seconds and the Comets could only watch.

Akers again paced her team with 16 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Contributors were Dalton 0/3/1, Schneider 1/4/2, Werling 3/0/1 and Baca 0/1/4. Because of the impending weather, the B team played four quarters with a continuous clock and lost 5-20. Palma scored 2 points, had 2 rebounds and 1 steal. Contributors were Michelle Torres 0/2/0, Melchor 0/2/9, Hernandez 2/3/0, Quiroz 1/2/0 and Wendt 0/0/0.

The A-team finished the season 2-10 and the B-team went 0-11, playing one less game.

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