WL siblings accused of violence in Iowa City

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, March 5, 2014
A brother and sister from West Liberty are reported to have been involved in two different assaults in Iowa City on March 2. All victims had to go to the hospital.

According to several complaints filed in Johnson County it began when 24-year-old Jose Mata Hernandez of West Liberty allegedly stabbed someone in the restroom at Brothers Bar at 12:01 a.m.

His sister, 19-year-old Abigail Mata, is reported to have assaulted two victims with an accomplice around 40 minutes later in Pints Bar at 12:41 a.m.

Police began to piece the story together when Mercy Hospital called to report that it had received a stabbing victim. The victim's name has not been released.

According to reports, during a verbal argument in the bathroom at Brothers, Jose allegedly stabbed the victim in the arm when the victim turned his back to Jose. Abigail was also present in the restroom during the assault.

The police identified Jose via witnesses and video taken at the bar. The found him a short time later at the pedestrian mall in Iowa City eating a gyro. He admitted to being in an argument with the victim, but denied stabbing the victim.

Also with him were his brother and sister-in-law 23-year-old Nancy Beatriz Mata, both of West Liberty.They were brought in for questioning.

It's reported that Nancy became verbally abusive and did not listen to the officers when told to sit down. She had bloodshot, watery eyes and exhibited extreme mood swings. A post arrest blood test determined her blood alcohol content to be .087.

However, Abigail was not apprehended at the ped mall. Rather, only 40 minutes later, she became involved in an assault at Pints bar along with 22-year-old Julie Ann Rodriguez of West Liberty.

The first victim in the second attack reported that she was waiting in line to use the restroom when she bumped into a Hispanic female. This caused a small verbal argument. The victim indicated Abigail and Julie Ann began to assault her and her friend, Victim 2, four minutes later.

Victim 1 reports she was struck with a beer bottle and pushed to the ground. Along with Victim 2, both received injuries that needed medical attention.

Julie Ann admitted to being in the fight and that she punched one of the victims in the face several times. According to a report there was blood.

When apprehended by police, Abigail was uncooperative, smelled of alcohol, with bloodshot, red, watery eyes and poor balance. She admitted to being intoxicated as well as being involved in the fight.

Upon Abigail's apprehension, the knife from the stabbing by her brother was discovered by police.

Jose is charged with willful injury, a class C felony, and going armed with intent, a class D felony.

Abigail is being charged with consumption/intoxication, interference with official acts and assault causing bodily injury. The first two are simple misdemeanors while the third is a serious misdemeanor.

Finally, Julie Ann is being charged with consumption/intoxication and assault causing bodily injury. Jose and Abigail's brother, who was not named, was not charged with anything.

However, his wife Julie Ann is also being charged with assault.
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