The race for District 2 begins

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Two local area men are running for the Muscatine County Supervisor District Two position.

Rob Krysh of West Liberty and Greg Haines of Nichols will face off during the June primaries for the Democrat ticket. The winner will go up against Republican Matthew Bonebrake of Muscatine during the November general election.

Both have a vested interest in the smaller communities in the county and feel a need to represent those areas outside of the City of Muscatine.

“Over the past three years as a business owner in West Liberty, I’ve noticed that the majority of county representation comes from the city of Muscatine and the immediate surrounding areas,” Krysh said. “The rural parts of the county are also represented, but West Liberty, the second largest town in the county, has been left out.”

Krysh is the owner of Local Grounds Café and Wine Bar in West Liberty and lives in the town with his wife Sara Sedlacek and daughter Ruby.

Haines, a retired chiropractor and farmland owner in Illinois and Iowa, also wants to see his small community of Nichols have representation.

"These small communities need a voice in Muscatine as well," he said. "I know what it's like to run a small business and think our government should be run like a small business too."

He owned and operated West Side Chiropractic in Muscatine from 1995 to 2013 before he retired. He has lived in Nichols for a year with his wife Denette.

The District Two Muscatine County Supervisor position is currently held by Tom Furlong; however, after three terms of service he has decided to step aside for travel.

"Since I plan to travel more over the next several years, I would miss more meetings than desirable," Furlong told the Muscatine Journal in December. "I have enjoyed the 11 years I have served on the board and look forward to a productive 2014."

District Two covers a large portion of the western part of Muscatine County, including the cities of West Liberty, Nichols and Conesville.

The Muscatine County Board of Supervisors deals with the budget and other county projects, in much the same way that the city council or school board operates.

Primary concerns for Krysh include economic development, the county’s roads and bridges and Muscatine's view on mental health and disability.

"Small towns don't seem to get the funding like bigger cities but the need is just as bad," he said.

"Small town life is a special thing and I don’t want anyone in Muscatine County to feel that choosing to live in a small town means giving up their voice in county government," Krysh added in a press release.

Haines is an active outdoorsman and is concerned about farming and putting accountability back in the government.

"Our government is in need of some desperate help," he said. "They try to destroy tax paying people and they tried to destroy my business."

There are five districts in Muscatine County, District Two is the most contested. However, Incumbent Rep. Jeff Sorensen is running against Dem. Philip E. Fitzgerald in District Five, while Incumbent Rep. Robert Howard is unopposed in District One. The other two districts are not up for election this cycle.

Three names have been thrown in for Muscatine County Recorder: Rep. Sarah Bodman, Rep. Melissa M. Bell and Dem. Nancy Y. Long. For treasurer Rep. Amy L. Zybarth is facing off against Dem. Kas Kelly while Rep. Alan Ostergren is unopposed for County Attorney.
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