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Dauna Kiser · Wednesday, April 16, 2014
It seems that more and more we hear about leadership. We hear about people who are leading the community, the state, the country or the world. They are leading the way, leading by following or leading by doing. Leadership is a hot topic in education – colleges and universities have added whole departments to keep up with the demand for leadership training. Leadership is taught in numerous youth clubs and organizations; even in elementary school. Leadership examples appear everywhere now in stories, in movies, on youtube, in reality TV.

So why do we need so many leaders?

Perhaps we need leaders because we have overburdened our heroes. You know, the heroes who save our city/country/world/galaxy from whatever crisis was set in front of them. Having a hero with extraordinary powers enables us to face a multitude of threatening enemies, evil villains, planetary catastrophes or galactic crises knowing that we will be rescued and returned to normalcy. But our faith in our heroes has been bruised a bit. In the last 50 years, our world has been through the very catastrophes, environmental crises, revolutions, floods, famine and freezing that exist in the hero stories. And we’ve discovered two things: Normal is not returning and our heroes need some help.

There is a subtle but fundamental difference in our expectation of a hero and of a leader. A hero is something none of us could be – they use their extraordinary powers and do the job for us. A leader is something all of us could be – they show us how to use our own power to do it. A hero shoulders our responsibility for us – a leader returns responsibility to us. A hero stands apart from us – a leader stands next to us.

Who do you view as a leader? Do you have skills you could show to others? There are many in our community who have become examples of leadership. They teach what they know and learn something new in the process. Many have helped our Leadership West Liberty program train community leaders. The most recent graduating class will host a reception at Local Grounds on April 18, 2014 at 6:30pm. Congratulations, class!

Are you interested in increasing your own leadership potential? Coming in three weeks is Leadercast West Liberty, a one-day leadership conference providing specialized training for you as a leader. This year’s event is on Friday, May 9, 2014 from 7:30am-3:30pm at the Historic New Strand Theatre. As an attendee, you will gain skills, tools and resources that enable you to add your voice to important issues in your community, whether in business, education or in community organization. Be an advocate for change, a conduit for ideas, or show by your example how others can take action. Leaders are needed everywhere right now - help your community by improving your leadership abilities. Then tell us - how do you lead?

Find out more at www.weleadiowa.org or call We Lead at 319-627-4045.
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