Eggs, eggs, and more eggs

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Fields of color rapidly disappeared last week as West Liberty children took advantage of several Easter egg hunts throughout the community.

The various egg hunting festivities started at the schools, jumped over to the fairgrounds and ended at Kimberly Park over the weekend.

Each event was unique in its own way, but they shared one common success, hundreds and hundreds of children.

The WL Community School District kicked off the festivities early in the week by holding two separate egg hunts for its kindergarten and preschool classes.

On April 11 several hundred kindergarten students rushed onto Memorial Football Field, where they grabbed 10 eggs each. On Tuesday, April 15, preschool students followed in similar fashion.

Organized by P.E. teacher Kelly Morrison, the eggs were stuffed with several toys and scattered across the football field. After lining its edges, students rushed onto the field after being given the go ahead.

The egg hunt promoted counting skills, while giving the children a huge outlet for getting rid of their energy. They could hardly be contained on the sidelines due to excitement.

On Good Friday, April 18, Community Bridge held its second annual Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt at the Muscatine County Fairgrounds.

All proceeds for the fundraiser went toward helping the WL Fire Department fund a new addition to its building. According to Mindy Heick, Employee Relations Manager at WL Foods and organizer for Community Bridge, the event raised around $1,000.

She and her family scattered over 3,000 eggs across several fields. Children were divided into four age groups and unleashed at one time. Over 300 were fed before the egg hunt.

"I think the event went great this year," said Heick. "Last year we had four winners (one per age group) and this year we increased that to two winners per group, so that was good."

Winners were determined by a note in the egg. If a child was lucky enough to find the right egg he or she was rewarded with a gift basket stuffed with candy. Once again, the roped off areas barely held the children back before they stormed on the fields.

The fire department showed off its fire truck and handed out toys to the children before the egg hunt. Pancakes were made en masse with a giant machine to keep up with demand.

Finally, on the following day, April 19, the Sons of the American Legion took over Kimberly Park for a pre-K to second grade egg hunt.

While plastic Easter eggs are most common, the WL Legion takes a different route every year. Members dyed hundreds of real eggs the night before the event.

The five hour procedure colored around 1,500 eggs in giant tubs. The next morning they carefully placed them throughout the park.

WL Sons of the American Legion member Jeff Owen took charge of the egg hunt, expressing his appreciation toward its several sponsors to all the participants. Several egg hunters received gift bags if they found eggs with numbers painted on them.

As with all the hunts, it only took seconds for all the eggs to disappear. Afterwards, children joined their parents for a recap.

"The more the merrier," said Owen after the event. Indeed, there was no shortage of eggs last week.
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