Boys beat Columbus

Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 23, 2014
It was a good day for boys’ soccer Monday, April 21, when the Comets walked away from their own field with a 2-0 win over the Columbus Junction Wildcats.

"This is the first game this season we've had a clean slate, so that was nice," said Coach Gunn. "In the first game our opponents scored five, the second they scored four and the third they scored one."

But in their fourth game the Comets took over early on when Peter Seele dribbled through three opponents and made his way to the goal. He planted a kick to the left and got it by the goalie for a 1-0 lead.

West Liberty's Andres Garcia-Vargas attempted the same feat minutes later, running at the Columbus goal line at full speed. However, a Wildcat managed to slide under him and make the steal.

However, Seele wasn't finished yet. Halfway through the first half he found himself between the front of the opponent's goal with no goalie. He lobbed the ball in easily for West Liberty's second point of the game, making it 2-0.

In fact, West Liberty's front line pressed hard the first half, keeping themselves on the scoring side of the field while Columbus played catch up.

Seele and Vargas took advantage of this opportunity by making several scoring attempts. Eventually the Comets’ pressure wore off. The whole time the Wildcat's Alex Cruz gave them a difficult time.

The second half was a different story for the Comets. While they attempted a few field goals, they mainly focused on defense.

"We had a two goal lead, and its easier to block and defend against shots than it is to make shots," said Coach Gunn.

Columbus pressed hard into West Liberty territory several times to begin the half. However, close calls were kept to a minimum. WL goalie Brett Becker made some easy stops early on.

Several tangle ups occurred on the West Liberty side, and the Wildcat's Alex Cruz took advantage of one, using fancy footwork to get to the goal. It was a shot and miss, but a reminder the game wasn't over yet.

West Liberty's Jesus Garcia made a close attempt at a goal late in the game off of a pass by Raudel Fierro. Wildcat defense kept him from making the kick.

With only a few minutes left, the Wildcat's Alex Cruz broke away from the Comets once again. Noel Palma stayed hot on his heels and put himself between Cruz and West Liberty's goal to help make a stop.

Unfortunately, he sustained an injury during the play, falling to the ground in pain. A few minutes later Palma was escorted off the field. The Comets took the win 2-0 minutes later.

"We had some good ball handlers and we moved it well," said Coach Gunn. "But Columbus had an aggressive mid-field, they always have."

This puts the boys at 2-2 for the season. They dropped their first games against Muscatine and Davenport Assumption, but picked it back up for wins against Mid-Prairie and Columbus.

They traveled to Iowa City on April 22 to take on Regina, and will go all the way to Clinton on Friday, April 25.
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