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Jacob Lane · Wednesday, April 30, 2014
With robin’s egg blue walls and light music fluttering in the back ground, a sweet aroma of peace flows through her four walls like a fresh, spring day. The lighting is mild, dimming out the world, dimming out anxiety.

This is Angela Wyatt's domain, a licensed massage therapist, she recently began helping West Liberty residents find their peace.

"I look at people and see muscle issues, they have tension in their body," says Wyatt. "My job as a soft tissue expert is to release that tension."

Using strokes, stretching, deep tissue trigger points and light gliding techniques she pulls a piece of the body out from the rest, releasing the pressure.

Wyatt's room is set up in the Active Chiropractic building, alongside WL chiropractor Dr. Dana Nelson.

"I had been wanting to incorporate massage for awhile, but I hadn't really jumped on it, " says Dr. Nelson. "My husband was in the midst of creating a plan for the office when Angela just came along and said 'Hey, I'm a massage therapist and I'd like to be in West Liberty.'"

"I was like, 'let’s do it,'" added Dr. Nelson.

As a mother of four, this is Wyatt's first practice. She's been in operation for nearly two months, having received certification from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Wellness in Davenport. Her husband Pete is a band director in Wilton.

Both Wyatt and Nelson find their practices feed off of each other in a positive way.

"I don't like being called a masseuse, because that has a weird connotation to it. This is not a massage parlor," says Wyatt. "Part of why I wanted to be with a chiropractor is because I wanted people to realize I take this very seriously."

She believes that people have muscle issues just like they have bone and joint issues, a chiropractor is good for the second, while a massage therapist is needed for the first. Both professions coincide and aid each other.

"We’re going to address those muscle issues, which affect the bones, and the bones affect the muscles," she adds. "For us, this partnership is able to bring people more relief and better relief.”

However, West Liberty has not had a massage therapist for a long time. Several of her clients are new to the practice, while several more just don't know what to expect.

She openly shares her process to bridge over the fear gap. New clients are asked to fill out a sheet full of health history. This helps her understand their health and know if massage is the correct course of action.

As for the process, she leaves clients in the room by themselves to begin. They remove as much of their clothing as they feel comfortable with, then lay under a blanket.

When the massage begins, she pulls out an arm, leg or what ever piece of the body she's working on. However, the rest remains under a blanket, unexposed. All the while she encourages communication so she knows what problem areas to focus on.

"It can be intimidating to people," says Wyatt. "So I dim the lights, and the table is nice and cozy, so there is a comfort level."

She lives in Muscatine. However, she wanted to practice her art in a small town. It worked out perfectly, since Dr. Nelson was entertaining the possibility of having a massage therapist.

"I knew I wanted to be in a small town, and I knew I wanted to be with a chiropractor," said Wyatt. "Literally, it all just fell into place."

With family in West Liberty, she was able to find that small town feel. So far the community has treated her well. The more clients come in, the more they realize they needed a massage.

"They'll come in for 15 minutes or 30 minutes and go, 'Oh my gosh, I need to come back for an hour,'" says Wyatt. "People are seeing their bodies physically need this work done."

While she hasn't finalized a schedule, Wyatt is in the office five days a week. To schedule a massage, call Active Health and Chiropractic at 319-627-6461.

Plus, to learn more about Wyatt visit At this moment gift certificates are available for Mother's Day.
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