WLF Connection (6/15/17)

Michelle Elizondo · Wednesday, June 14, 2017
What I appreciate most in my life are great people, and an important piece to the West Liberty Foods puzzle are the individuals who make up our company.

Over my tenure I’ve met some of the best people who are not only my co-workers but now life-long friends. The West Liberty Foods team has grown substantially over the past few years and is comprised of many individuals from across the country who now call this home.

We each come to work with different ideas, talents, and experience that contributes to the larger picture, which is the success of West Liberty Foods.

Company-wide we are made up of 2,900 people. Locally, we are a team of 900 who work in this community every day. West Liberty is our central hub, not only for turkey processing but our corporate functions as well.

You’ll find our executive team, research and development pilot plant where we develop and test products, quality assurance lab, sales and marketing team, environmental team and many, many others. We refer to ourselves as a family, as this is what our foundation was built upon- farm families who want the best for each other and most importantly to be a great company that is both providing and giving back to the community.

We come from all walks of life, backgrounds and belief systems and spend countless hours at work together with one main goal which is to be a leading food manufacturer and providing the most food safe products to our customers.

We have some of the most amazing tenures found in any industry and this year boast twenty five team members who were recognized with 25 years of service and above. Total years combined for this group equals 839 years of service. Wow! I can’t think of many business that can say this and luckily for West Liberty, long tenures are the norm.

Shifting gears a little, it’s with both excitement and sadness that this will be my last WLF Connection. I’m leaving the WLF family and headed off on a new adventure beginning in July.

I’ve spent over 10 years contributing to this company’s success and it’s time for me to write the next chapter for myself. In the beginning my goal for this column was share a bit more about our business, demonstrate our local impact, and connect more with the community. I hope that I’ve been able to accomplish all of these things and perhaps a little more.

Thank you to everyone who has provided me feedback, not only has it shown that my articles are being read but also that I’ve made an impact on you. While my column is ending I hope that your understanding of West Liberty Foods continues to flourish. Our growth pattern continues and while today our net sales rank us as a multi-million dollar company, we are on target to break the billion dollar mark in the near future.

I will remain a West Liberty native and will always continue to support the business. I expect many great things in the future that will continue to put West Liberty, not just West Liberty Foods in the spotlight.
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