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Fire Chief Kirt Sickels · Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Hello to all from the West Liberty Fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Department! It has been a couple of months since our last message to you, but I would like to again thank the community for their continued support of our department and our WLFD Personnel!

The Department is again on a record pace of ambulance calls for the 2017 calendar year and have already exceeded the 300-run mark. Our EMS crews have been very busy answering calls and making trips to the area medical centers and taking care of those who need our immediate attention.

We are currently looking at replacing one of our ambulances and will have different companies coming by in the very near future with demos to see what might meet our needs. This process does take some time to spec-out what exactly is needed and available, so to meet these needs we are looking at an 8- to 10-month process to get this done. Hopefully sooner as time will allow!

Which leads me to our next highlight, ambulance calls! A normal call takes approximately two hours from start to finish. Then, tack on another hour for entering the particulars about the call into our recording and documenting processes and you have significant time invested in just one call—three hours!

Now look at our 250 calls a year. With each call taking approximately 3 hours each, that is 750 man hours, or just under 19 working weeks of time—18.75 to be exact!

That is exactly what Mr. Larry Miller has done for this department for several years now. Attending calls during the day and at night, we all know Larry as one of the “guys” at Fred’s Feed here in West Liberty but I know him as much, much more! He is the guy who is always available to help, always available to climb out of bed in the middle of the night to go on a call, always there filling in for someone on our ambulance teams who is on vacation or out of town. He is always someone who will be there no matter what the situation might be!

It is guys like him that go the extra mile every day helping his community without a single worry of acknowledgement! Many communities like ours don’t have what we have in Larry. He lives and works in town and at a drop of a hat takes off to help his fellow community members when they are in trouble or in serious need. Larry has 29 years of “voluntary service” on the department and has followed in his father’s footsteps Fred, as he had 39 years of service as well. Quite a long-standing family tradition of 68 combined years of dedication to our community.

The next time you might stop into Fred’s Feed for your needs, please tell Larry THANKS! He will probably be embarrassed, but he most certainly deserves every acknowledgement of his time and dedication to this department and to this community. We all appreciate your dedication and efforts, Larry. Hats off to one of the greatest assets to our Department, our community, and our families!! THANK YOU!!

I will end this message by saying we are always looking for more Larry's of the world and if you have the drive and commitment please come talk to us at the fire station. We would enjoy adding you to our team!

Kirt Sickels

West Liberty Fire Chief
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