Table of Good (1/4/18)

Pastor Mario R. Padilla · Tuesday, January 2, 2018
I write this on Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017. It is the time of the year we, followers of Jesus, celebrate the coming of the Savior of the world. We celebrate the greatest gift of all given to humanity: The Gift of Jesus. The gift which contains many other gifts within.

We look back at 2017.

It was a year filled with life, with good and bad. In the midst of all this we celebrate and give thanks to the Good and Beautiful God.

In the Bible we read the story of this good and beautiful God. We read how after God, the Creator, had finished creating this amazing universe and this beautiful planet, God saw all which had been created and it was very good. Throughout the story we read about humanity’s fall into sin and soul. We read about the sin, evil and disobedience of humanity. Even so we are told to taste and see that God is good. We read that the Lord God is good. His love endures forever. His faithfulness is eternal.

Then comes the coming of Jesus to earth to save us. He came on a mission. He came to save us from all the evil, sin, wickedness, pain, suffering and death we had unleashed upon ourselves and the planet.

Out of God’s goodness and great love for humanity Jesus came to die and give His life for us. We celebrate this during Christmas. Now when we receive the Gift of Jesus we can celebrate life even in the midst of all the madness, somehow we can experience the good and beautiful life that the Good and Beautiful God gives us in Jesus.

So this morning as I jogged in the cold I could give thanks to this glorious God in the beautiful sunshine, the blue sky, the neighbor working the soil in his garden. We greet, “Buenos días. Tenga un buen día.” I jog and give thanks to God for this moment of human friendship. Then Cairo, my neighbor’s dog, greets me with his deep, loud bark. Sometimes he sneaks up behind me and barks loudly. Startled, I jump and run faster before looking back and seeing the smile on his face. “Got you, dude.” Sometimes I smile with a big smile on my face. Someone from the community drops by the house and gives a financial gift to the ministerial fund so we can help those in need. I smile and give thanks again to the Good and Beautiful God. Then I see a fellow pastor. She tells me we have received some good financial gifts for our ministerial fund this Christmas season. Thanks to all you who have given. I realize all this begins with God. God who created us humans and put within us love and goodness. Who sent His son Jesus, who gave this great gift to us for now we can also give. God gives, we give. God loves, we love.

Throughout this new year of 2018 let us draw closer to this Good and Beautiful God. Let us be filled with the love and goodness of God. Let us be instruments in the hand of this Good and Beautiful God so God can do His Good and Beautiful works through us.

The world needs Jesus. The world needs us to live out the good, the beautiful, the love of Jesus through us. The last Monday of every month, this year, the ministerial invites you to join us for a community gathering (details will come later).
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