Escucha Mi Voz vows resistance against 'Polimigra' Law

One of Iowa's largest immigrant-led organization prepares march, vigil, strike, and legal action to stop SF2340


In response to what it deems a looming threat, Escucha Mi Voz has declared a resolute stance against the enactment of what it calls anti-immigrant 'Polimigra' law SF2340.

Escucha Mi Voz is one of most Iowa's prominent faith-based immigrant-led organization, with activists in West Liberty, Iowa City and more.

If passed, SF2340 would charge someone with an aggravated misdemeanor if they enter, attempt to enter or is at any time found in Iowa if they have previously been denied admission. 

With a core team of 50 immigrant workers at its helm, the organization has meticulously crafted a multifaceted strategy aimed at stopping the incoming law.

"Last Saturday, a group of 50 members voted to organize demonstrations on May 1 and July 1 to stop the anti-immigrant law from going into effect," stated Ninoska Campos, a member of Escucha Mi Voz, in an email communication to members on Monday.

The organization's proactive approach includes a series of planned actions, prominently featuring the "St. Joseph the Worker March and Vigil for Human Dignity" scheduled for Wednesday, May 1, International Workers Day.

Set to take place in Iowa City, the exact location of the event is yet to be determined, with the march commencing at 6:30 p.m. followed by a vigil at 7 p.m.

Additionally, Escucha Mi Voz has designated Monday, July 1, the proposed day of enactment for SF2340, as a "Day Without an Immigrant."

The group is advocating for a one-day strike encompassing a citywide march and rally beginning at 11 a.m., with the location to be announced.

In an effort to bolster their legal recourses, Escucha Mi Voz has expressed intentions to explore litigation.

They have requested meetings with the U.S. Department of Justice, Iowa Department of Public Safety, and local law enforcement authorities.

SF2340 is a substitution for HF 2567, which was withdrawn from the house on March 19, 2024.

However, Escucha Mi Voz Iowa board member Manny Galvez had this to say about the bill aiming to “criminalize re-entry into the state after deportation.”

“From Texas to Iowa, our message is No Tengan Miedo, have no fear. We will continue to fight this unconstitutional law during rulemaking, in the courts, and on the streets. We will continue to organize to stop deportations, protect refugee children, and keep families together."

The groups believes that if signed into law by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, the bill might not follow the same rules as the federal government's immigration laws.

They are concerned because if the bill does not follow federal rules, it could raise worries about whether it respects the rights of people according to international standards.

This is especially worrying for them when it comes to people seeking asylum, who are asking for safety in a new country because they're in danger in their own country.

The mission of Escucha Mi Voz Iowa is to empower immigrant and refugee communities towards achieving health equity and societal justice.

With over 500 members and 40 churches under its umbrella, Escucha Mi Voz is a leading voice in immigrant advocacy in Iowa.

The organization is determined to safeguard the rights and dignity of all individuals regardless of immigration status.