Mayor should resign


I am writing this letter in regards to the latest article in The Index about the newest vacancy on the City Council. members of the council.

It is my opinion that the city has now lost two dedicated experienced members due to the utter failure of the Mayor and her Mayor Pro tem to act in a reasonable manner. The Mayor in seven months has shown a complete lack of interest in the proper running of meetings ,any issue concerning the taxpayers of the city except the tedious and un necessary debate surrounding the volunteer fire dept. She has missed several meetings zoomed from home at least another and constantly has to ask the City Clerk or the City Manager for direction while trying to do important City business in the council.

Both Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem have ignored legal instruction from the City Attorney to recuse themselves from voting on issues concerning the WLVFD. It is for these reasons I am asking that the Mayor resign immediately the citizens of West Liberty deserve a City Council that represents all of the citizens not just those the Mayor and her crony deem fit.

Mike Price

West Liberty