Guest column

West Liberty stands by police officers


West Liberty's city manager Lee Geertz and Interim Police Chief Don Strong posted this on the city's Facebook page.

The City of West Liberty recently welcomed the opportunity presented by our police department to attend a meeting in a neighboring community to offer support during a challenging time for their police department.

In the attempt to extend West Liberty’s assistance, the WLPD became a victim of negative statements made publicly and socially by elected officials and leaders of the neighboring community.

West Liberty community members, please know the City of West Liberty has taken all the necessary steps and reviews to assure the officers hired for the West Liberty Police Department are professional and dedicated to serving our community. The WLPD Officers serve to protect, promote, and build trustworthy relationships, and enforcement. 

When seeking candidates to join the West Liberty Police Department, the City management and City leadership follow a policy and procedure to identify the officer who will be employed to serve our community and if they are worthy of the opportunity if provided. This includes identifying certification with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, and thorough background review to include the officer status is in good standing with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

The current officers employed with the West Liberty Police Department have been offered an opportunity to be a part of a professional police department and the city organization. The WLPD Officers are all recognized by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy as employable certified police officers. The City of West Liberty offered our current WLPD Officers the opportunity to serve our community, and we are honored they have accepted serve the West Liberty community, providing rural support when called upon with honor, pride, and integrity as professional West Liberty Police Officers.

• Chief Werling

• Interim Chief Strong

• Corporal Blocker

• Officer Holmes

• Officer Saleh

• Officer Calderon

Thank you to the West Liberty Police Officers for accepting the opportunity to serve our community. The environment for police officers is challenging enough, they are not deserving of the negative accusations and unprofessional acts of behavior.  West Liberty Community Members, I ask of you to please show positive comments and support with WLPD during these challenging times.


Thank you on behalf of

Lee Geertz, City Manager and Interim Police Chief Strong 

City of West Liberty